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Cooking can be really stressful, especially when your trying to make something complicated or fancy. After you’re done cooking and you set up your dinner and eat it, you think all your troubles are gone. You reach over for your soda and the drink slips from your hand, spilling all over the place. Oh man, now you have to get at least 10 sheets of paper towels to clean up your mess of the spilled soda. You could just go to the kitchen and use all those paper towels to clean up just one spill, or you could just use one sheet of Shamwow to clean up your mess.

If you use Shamwow did you know your helping out the planet? Just imagine Shamwow is like a sponge that isn’t even paper, but paper towels waste trees and wasting trees doesn’t help the planet.Shamwow is basically like a sponge that helps the planet and is better than paper towels and even regular towels. Shamwow can be used easily as so many different things and it helps benefit the planet by saving trees and saving your money.  It’s a fact that Shamwow is awesome.

It’s really a pain to clean up anything, but Shamwow just makes it so easy that I could probably do it in my sleep. I know everyone who is reading this hates cleaning with a fiery passion, but it’s just something that everyone has to do whether they like it or not, like projects or studying. Shamwow makes that cleaning pain feel like you barely did any work because the towel just does all the work. Isn’t that just awesome? It’s like someone’s doing all the work for you and you get the credit. Shamwow is planet friendly, does the hard cleaning for you, can be used as so many different things and it saves you money.


By Brandon Yang

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#39 Sunsets

After a long hard day, don’t you wish it would end well? Then you just happen to look out your window and see the most beautiful sunset. Right then and there you know your day just got a whole lot better. Maybe after a gloomy, cloudy day, the sun comes out just in time for a beautiful sunset. Sunsets always brightens up your day.

Sunsets also make great pictures and paintings. When you watch a sunset, don’t you just want to paint it with watercolors or take a professional picture of it? I know I want to.  One of my favorite places to watch a sunset is the beach; watch it glisten in the ocean making another magnificent sunset. Another favorite place to watch a sunset is in a very tall building; you get to see the sun slip under the horizon. Seeing the full effect of a sunset is just amazing: watch it as it goes from high the sun to as small as a pea by the time it sets.

One of my favorite things about sunsets is their colors.  Each sunset has their own unique combination of bright yet gentle colors. Some days it’s pink, orange, and purple; other days it’s just blood- red like someone died a horrible death. My favorite combination is when the sky is a dark, dark red with a streak of light, light pink. In my opinion, sunsets are AWESOME!!!

Written by: Elisabeth Stulp

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#38 When a Book is So Sad, You Cry

Books are special.  They have the power to make you scared, nervous, happy, or sad.  They can change your life, or they can help you ace that science test next week.  But what has always amazed me is the power of a book to make you cry.  Even when you know that everything is false, all just words on paper, the words have the power to move you.  Even though I know it’s coming, and I’ve read all of “Where the Red Fern Grows,” expecting the dogs to die, I still cry at the end.  Books transport you to a new world, and when something happens in the story, it affects you.  I love this.
Books are like reflections of real life.  They inspire us not only because of the stories, but because we can connect to them.  If a character in a novel, say, loses their pet dog, it might remind the reader of when their dog died, or when a close friend of their’s passed.  This adds to the power of a book to affect a person.  Readers can truly relate to characters in books, and when the character experiences grief,the reader feels the pain too.
It is amazing how when reading a book, a person almost becomes the character in a sense.  They relate to all the other characters.  When the character is embarrassed,  the reader is embarrassed. The laughs or tears of the character become the chuckles or sobs of the reader.  When I’m reading a book, and I feel an emotion because of it, I feel connected to the character, like there is some invisible link between me and this person, living in a word of words and paper.Reading a book can feel like coming home, and that is just, well,


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#37 Falling on your Bed after a Long Day at Work

You know this is awesome.  Just the fact of you thinking about it is awesome.  All of the long, hard, tedious work you are doing at work just makes you tired and more tired and more tired.  However, after all this work you come home and fall on the bed.  The bed that usually feels like a bed, but today it feels like a fluffy cloud drifting in the sky.

If you don’t get what I’m saying imagine the following.  You just got to work and you see a five foot high pile of paper and a note that says “finish by one o clock.”  “Great” you think, you have two hours to finish all this work.  Then you reach into your pocket and you discover that you forgot to bring your Five Hour Energy to give you an extra boost.  So you work, and work, and work, and you get it all done, but the guy in the next cubicle is sick and you have to do his work.  “Ugh,” you say as you slam your head on the desk.

When you finally finish his work, you take your lunch break.  The only twenty minutes of free time you have.  When you get back to work your boss pairs you with the laziest guy in the office to do a group tax return.  Basically you do all the work and share the glory that should be rightfully yours.  Then finally your boss says you are free to go and you drive through five hours of bumper to bumper traffic on the freeway. Finally you walk to your apartment and fall on your bed.  Remember the feeling of being on a fluffy cloud I told you about?  You should start feeling it right about now.  Then your eyes slam shut and you say to yourself, “I worked hard today I deserve this rest.”  After this little experience, I hope you realize how awesome falling on your bed after a long day at work really is.

Written By: Cameron Hauptman

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#35 Computer

Computers are the best. There are all sorts of things you can do on a computer.  You can talk to your friends or play computer games. Also, you can watch videos or listen to music.  There are so many different types of computers designers for example Macintosh, Dell, and IBM.  Then the two operating systems currently popular are Mac and Windows.  The computer is one of the most awesome inventions ever.

One of the best things you can do on a computer is play games. There are hundreds of thousands of games you can get on a computer.  You could get old games like Solitaire or Minesweeper, or you could get newer games like Portal 2 or Minecraft.  Also you could check on your friends on Facebook or Twitter, oryou could face chat with Skype.  Computers are so awesome you could do many of these things at once.

What computers are good?  It depends on what you want your computer to do.  There are many different names for computer manufacturers like Dell, Macintosh, and Alienware.  There are many types of computers like desktops and laptops.  There are computers made to do different things: there are gaming computers, working computers, and all around computers.  Everyone picks a computer that suits them.  You can use computers for so many things, ant that is way computers are AWESOME!!!!!

Jasper Byrd

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#34 Batman!

In my personal opinion, Batman is the best super hero. The even cooler part is that he dosnt have any powers! He defeats his villians with his personal gadgets that he’s invented. The company that makes his gadgets is called WayneTech. He dosnt only use gadgets he’s master of all fighting styles known to man, he is very fit and is mentally trained for any mind twisting tricks his enemies might pull on him.

Some of batmans enemies are Joker, Two-Face, Clay Face, Killer Croc, Zsaszz, Scarecrow, Hugo Strange, Ras’a Ghul, Mr. Freeze, Harley Quinn, Penguin and many more. Batman’s real name is Bruce Wayne. Not only is Bruce Wayne Batman but he is also a billionare because of his company WayneTech. Bruce’s parents were murdered in front of him when he was a child. Some of Bruc’s most trusted friends are, police commisioner Jim Gordon, Barbara Gordon, Jim Gordons daughter, and Bruce’s family butler and oldest friend Alfred. Bruce’s friends also help him when hes batman by talking to him from the batcave giving him info he is searching or analyzing.

ImageMost of Batman’s enemies out to hurt batman. The others just want power or death of others. Batmans most hated enemy is the Joker. Every time Batman fights the Joker the Jker almost wins but he wont kill batman when he has the chance because he is fixiated on believing in that its to fun to fight Batman even when he gets hurt.

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#33 Sushi Happy Hour

When I am really hungry I just think about all the places I can go. All of a sudden I get a text message . I look at my phone and I see it’s 4:01 PM. I quickly tell my mom I will be back at 5:00 PM I grab my wallet and my bike and start riding my butt off. Finally, I get to the sushi bar .
When I walk in the chef quickly recognizes me and runs for help. He called up three of his best cooks to help out with my order. After checking everything on the menu twice, I give my order to the chef . Quickly he grabs every fish that he has splits the order was his fellow employees. The first chef comes out and gives me my first order.
Finally, I finish all my orders except for one thing. I forgot to order one thing on the menu. It’s 4:59 PM . At this time I yell to the chef,” quick spicy tuna roll.”
He quickly gives it to me and I eat it. If I eat any slower happy hour will end. I am so full I feel sick. I pay the check and bike home. This is why I think happy hour is awesome!



#32 Homemade Food

You’ve probably had one of those days where you were so hungry, no actually starving, that fast food or even your favorite restaurant just wouldn’t cut it.  All you want is to come home, relax, and eat  your favorite home cooked  meal. It’s been a long day at school. You are exhausted and craving a home cooked meal.  As you walk out of school, you see children eating snacks and your stomach begins to rumble even more. You are agitated from the hungry feeling that you are experiencing , all you want is to get home to eat.

After school you wait by the gate to be picked. Time is passing by awfully slow.  You  sit down with a frown on your face, wishing you were already home. The clock strikes 4:00 pm and your mom finally pulls up to the gate. You get in the car, without even a hello, and say “Is there food at home?” All you can think about is food. She replies with a smile, “Of course, I have your favorite meal ready.” Your face lights up, and you are super excited.

You finally get home and pull up to the drive way. You can smell the sweet aroma seeping through the door. You wait anxiously  for your mom to open the door. When she does, you barge in, and dash straight to the kitchen and see that there is  a steaming hot plate with your favorite home cooked meal. As you pull up a chair, your mouth waters. You quickly eat your food, finish, and think about how satisfying the meal was.


– Yaniv  Shemesh

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#31 Feeling after finishing hard and long project

Working on long and hard projects you don’t like is tiring, but finishing them is a different story. Starting a project brings on one of the worst feelings you can get that involves time.  You begin to think how long this will take to finish.  The worst of all is wondering if it will take up most of your days or even weeks to complete. When you begin to work on it, you start to wonder if your whole weekend will be ruined.  All you think about is coming to the finish line. Then the time comes when you are almost done with the project.  When you finally finish, you can yell out, “yes, it’s over!”  You are finally done with it!   The feeling you have been waiting for come to be.  Your favorite words for that moment are “I’m done.”   Here are some ways to enjoy that feeling of relief.

  1. Get away quickly from your project or working place. Now that you have finished a long hard project. All you could be thinking of is getting as far away from it as possible.  That means even leaving the house. To do so, you might hangout with a friend, just run out of the house, or just do anything you can just to get as far away from it as possible. Once you are away, you can finally relax and enjoy that feeling.
  1. Release all your excitement.  You can yell, scream relief, dance, or just jump around.   You can text, face time, or just call someone you like to hang around with.  Brag to them about how you are done with this huge, painful project that took many days to complete. Once you are done celebrating, you can just say one more time “Yes I’m Done” and plop yourself on the bed and sleep with happiness. After doing all of this hard work, you can finally make the feeling have some true meaning and purpose by celebrating and doing something you like.

It’s Awesome

By Ryan Stewart


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#30 Swimming!

It’s the middle of summer, one of the hottest days of the year. As I lie on the floor, dying of heat, I fan myself with my hand. I try to stay as cool as possible, but even lifting a finger makes me dreadfully hot. The heat makes me feel very lazy. I don’t want to sit around all day, so I start to think of ideas of what I could do that would make me forget about it being so hot. I think….. and think…. and think. What could I possibly do that would cool me down, and at the same time I would still have fun? It’s too hot to go to the park. Too hot to just sit around. Hmmmm, what could I do??

Then, suddenly the best idea pops into my head. I could go to the pool! At that moment, I get very excited. I call up some of my friends to meet up with there. I put on my favorite bathing suit, get a towel, and off I go! I’m almost about to reach the pool, and I see that my friends are already there waiting for me. I open the gate, and run up to my friends. I give them a big hug then start to put on sunblock, so I won’t get burnt. My friends, and I walk over to the edge of the pool on the deep side where it goes down to 8 feet. I dip my toe in the water to feel how cold it is. It’s the right temperature, not freezing cold, but not warm.

I grab hands with my friends. We count down from 3, then all of us jump in.  3………… 2……………1! Everyone jumps in except me, and one other girl. We all start laughing, then the girls in the water start splashing me, and the other girl. She jumps in. I wait for her head to pop out of the water. They all yell at me to jump in. I decide I want to show off a little, so I do a back flip into the water. AAAaaaahhhhh! It feels so refreshing! Before I pop up from under the water, I try to swim as far as I can to the other side. I make it more then half way, then come up really quickly, panting. We all have so much fun!!

This is what I call awesome!

By: Makayla Dempsey

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