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#48 Hot Chocolate On A Cold Wintery Day

on March 6, 2012

It’s a cold day, you’re watching tv freezing your brain off, and you can’t stop shivering. Then your mom says that the hot chocolate is ready. When you take that first sip, and it’s going down your body, you can feel it burn. That’s what makes hot chocolate so special and so mouth-watering. Also, when your nose is really cold and you smell the hot chocolate it warms you up immediately, and makes it feel 100 percent better.

Oh, hot chocolate, your warmth is so magical it spreads happiness and warmth all over the world. Whether you put in small or big marshmallows you can drink hot chocolate where ever you go. When it comes to hot chocolate, the whole family gets along and comes together to relax and watch a movie together. It’s simply the best drink you can savor on a cold or warm day.

Who ever created hot chocolate must be the god of drinks.  It’s so perfect, and it’s even better when you put whipped cream on it. The whipped cream cools it down and makes it perfect to drink. I can not think of one drink that is better.  It’s my favorite drink and also my family’s. It is also good when it comes in packets. But it’s the best when any of your relatives make it the flavor really comes out.


Alexander De leon


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