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#47 The Feeling of Peeing

on March 5, 2012

That feeling that you get when you finish peeing, after you drink a big glass of ice water in a hot sunny day, is a great feeling.  You just released all the fluids that wanted to come out. No more dancing around, legs shaking side to side and jumping up and down.  I have many interesting peeing stories that are so awsome.  After, a great pee, you feel like you acomplished your goal in life!

One day, I was at the store with my mom and got a cold water bottle and drank it all in one big gulp because I was so thirsty. After drinking it, we went in line to pay for our grocieres. When we went inside the car, I finally discovered I had to go pee. I told my my mom “Mom, I have to go pee, if I don’t I’ll pee my pants.” She told me to wait untill we get home. While driving home I was dancing in my seat and moving my legs sid to side so I wouldn’t pee. We finally got home, so I got off the car and ran to the door and tripped. I thought I had peed my pants when I fell, but I looked and didn’t. I thought to myself I still have time to make it to the bathroom so I ran as fast as I can straight to the bathroom and peed. When I got to the bathroom, I finally peed and thought to myself, this is the best feeling I’ve ever felt in my life.

Another reason why peeing is amazing is because it feels good and your body feels better after. When you pee its a very enjoyable experience to have in life.  You get  time alone to think and pee by yourself for a while. If we didn’t pee in our daily life, we wouldn’t  have a lot of great feelings to look forward to in life. This is why I choose peeing for my topic because it’s awesome.

By Alexis Reynoso


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