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#46 Basketball

on March 3, 2012

One thing that I find fun do  alone or with friends is Basketball. When I have nothing to do I go outside and play basketball with my brother. For basketball all you need is a ball and a court. The cool thing about basket ball is that when you play on a team you make friends and you get better.

The best sound in basketball is the swoosh of the net. This sound makes every player want to play more and better. My Favorite thing to play a big skirmish game with my friends. When i play Basketball I get good exercise and fun. The best feel is getting and an one moment.

The best thing about basketball is when you’re on a team with your friends. You get the play with them, practice with them, win with them, and lose with them. With you friends on your team it just adds more fun to the game even when you lose. With you friends you can always have fun and get better. When you are alone or with friends you should play basketball.

Daniel Stulp


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