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#43 The Smell of Pines

on March 2, 2012

As I walk through Mammoth in the summer I smell a scent like no other. The smell of pine trees fills my head, and I think to myself, “What a great smell.”  The woody, fresh, nutty smell fills all of Mammoth with this royal scent.  ‘Tis a very fresh smell create by the pine bristles and the sap that comes from these regal trees. When taking a hike, it is impossible to smell anything but this light airy smell of woody pines.

When I went to Mammoth a couple of years back I had two memories: the long grueling hikes and the smell of fresh pines.  I remember the long hike.  I was tired and miserable, but even more memorable were the hundreds of thousands of pines overcoming any other smell. Every time I go to Mammoth I subconsciously await going outside and inhaling the sweet sappy smell of warm pines filling the clear air.  While Mammoth in the winter is fun, it suppresses most of the pines’ smell with pounds of fresh snow.  From every memory of Mammoth the scent of pines is the most prominent.

The smell of pines is a comforting aroma.  When I smell pines it makes me feel as if I were in a peaceful log cabin.  This home-like scent that brings solace.  The peaceful scent of pines is my favorite because it is like honey covered wood chips in the hot sun.  In the forests of Mammoth, the smell of  woody pines is the most unique and subtle of scents.



One response to “#43 The Smell of Pines

  1. Evan Frisch says:

    I’ve never really smelled/got a chance to smell pines, but from the way you say it, it must be AWESOME!

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