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#42 Thank God for Toilet Paper

on March 2, 2012

How great it is using toilet paper after relieving yourself!  It’s great walking into the potty room and knowing you’ll have something to clean your flesh with.  It is frustrating for most people to wipe their filth off with their hand.  It is also extremely gross, disgusting, and disturbing.  That is why countries that have to go through this are miserable and sickened to the stomach.

The thing that is really awesome about this is the whole process.  You sit on the seat, relieving yourself for a while.  After you are done, you take four or five sheets of paper from the toilet paper roll.  You carefull wipe, without even getting your hands filthy or disturbing.  And then you flush and wash your hands, and that’s it, you’re done!

So the next time you use toilet paper, be glad!  Make sure to thank it with all of your heart.  When you are in the morgue, the very thought of it will still be in your mind.  So come on you people, wake up, and smell the toilet paper!  And remember to greet it the next time you see it by telling it that it’s


Josh Chang


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