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#41 Finally Falling Asleep

on March 2, 2012

Image    Don’t you hate it when you have had an extremely long and tough day, and then when you finally get to go to bed, you can’t sleep? You’re exhausted, grumpy, impatient, and worst of all…you can’t fall asleep!!! You lie there for hours doing pointless things just to make yourself busy, but you know none of it will work anyways. You count forwards and backwards, think about how your life will be in the future, and about how everyone you know is happily sleeping. You just want to yell, “Why can’t I just sleep?!?!” I understand that feeling.

Then, you give up on trying to make yourself sleep and just lie there. It feels like forever! All you can think about is sleep. Sleep, your best friend, but enemy at the moment. The goal is to beat the enemy, show that it is wrong, and that you can fall asleep. You need the rest, and you need to beat the enemy. All of a sudden, you’re calm and relaxed, and it seems like you can’t hear a thing. Maybe images come to your mind, your dreaming without even realizing. That is when you have won, the enemy surrendered.

This is definitely not a catnap, you are finally sound asleep and you feel like a happy baby. Eyes shut, body relaxed, and mind open is the best feeling. Even though sleep is the best feeling, it isn’t the most awesome feeling. “Then what is awesome?” you must be thinking. The most awesome feeling is waking up after you thought you could never fall asleep and thinking, “Wow, I finally fell asleep!” Sleeping is great, but the feeling of realizing that you finally fell asleep is AWESOME!

By: Lily Javaherpour


One response to “#41 Finally Falling Asleep

  1. Evan Frisch says:

    I love the feeling, too, when I wake up and finally realized I fell asleep when the night before I couldn’t! Great Post!

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