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#5 Tight-tackling hugs

If I loved someone so much there really is no way to show my affection.  Somehow I do show my affection, through a special hug. I know that feeling; it’s the absolute best feeling in the world. Those stupid one armed hugs are loose and not enough. It’s also the best feeling when my friend returns the hug and don’t freak out or  fall to the floor from impact. Most people do end up falling, but usually stand up right after and hug me as it should of been. It’s the hug I only ever give to people that I know that will always be there for me and I often look at those people as a sibling.

Running as fast as I can toward my “sibling,” I jump at them and squeeze them for dear life. Soon the favor is returned and it feels as if my insides are about to burst. Usually, I am floating off the floor or my friend is and our bodies are so close they automatically heats up. This usually happens often with my true friends, so they know I like it when they wrap their arms around my slim waist. The rush of love fills me and it is impossible to hold back a smile.

Not only those hugs are good when I’m in a happy, bubbly mood, but also when I’m feeling sad or down. Nothing cures me like a nice tackling hug. I rush to find a “sibling” to cure me. When someone is spotted, I sprint toward them and my hair whips my face. With a hard, solid impact of our bodies, my body starts to sting everywhere. Not long until my friend’s shirt is drenched in tears and my cheeks are pale from the crying. Hugging people like this makes me realize that I don’t have many friends; I have unrelated family to attack. The love never stops with this wonderful, awesome gift of, tight-tackling hugs.

It’s pretty awesome!

Written by Sami Berhow


# 4 Lockable Doors

Lock that lockable door

Once, twice or even more

You can choose how much or how many

One for Mario, Nick, Chris and Benny

Doesn’t matter who you are

Doesn’t matter close or far

Lockable door suit you all

The only way in is for it to fall

Key, code, both or print

All secure no nearby hint

Any you wish to use

Just so many to things to choose

Suitable for toddlers or adults

You can use it to secure a vault

Don’t give it to sneaky teens

Sly and evil is in there gene

I love to lock my lockable door

Kids can use them to hide from chores

Teens can use it for personal use

Adults can use it sing the blues

Good for anyone

It’s so much fun

Lockable door fun for everyone

Running! Running! The crazy psychotic murderer is behind you and you slam door. The door is pushed opened and then… This is leading problem today, not murder, but not being a current owner of a lockable door. Lockable doors can keep you safe, from murderers, molesters, and other horrible creatures. Lockable doors are suitable for anyone and can satisfy many needs.

Lockable doors can encage a child who is grounded. They can also hold evil criminals ready for interrogations. They can be locked from the inside or the out for convenience of the people. There are many types of locks; a list of types of locks would be keys, codes, buttons, thumb print, butt print, hand print, and eye print. Lockable doors are very useful, no matter what age, race, or sex you are.

Need to finish a project alone, or just read a book without someone bugging you? The solution is not bonking the person on the head, but buying a lockable door. Lockable doors are also good for doing personal or “private” activities in a room. The lockable doors gives you all the time you need to finish that activity. As you can see lockable doors are suitable for all ages, and needs. Get yours now!


Gideon Baik


#3 A+ is for Awesome

The most awesome thing at school is getting an A+ on a hard test that I have never aced before. This awesome feeling is expanded even more when I go home and my parents reward me with a free ice cream from anywhere for any cost. This feeling of victory is unmatched. I love to get good grades for this reason. Awesomeness will always be rewarded.

Another reason I like getting good grades is the nervousness that I feel as I flip over the paper. I first see the BIG, BLOOMING A+!!!!! that is plastered at the top of the paper. Then my eyes drift over to the percentage and I see a BIG, HUGE 100%!!!!!! I feel my heart jump into my mouth, and I feel the AWESOMENESS!!!!!

The last reason I like getting good grades is because when I feel the elation from that BIG, GIANT, HUGE A+!!!!!! Knowing I got a good grade makes me feel so good. I hope this good feeling is going to never go away. I feel happy, happy that I know that all the hard work that I did for that grade paid off. I know I can finally relax from all that suspense.


Nathan Gladden


#2 The Smell of Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ever come home on a bad day, and just fell like you want to tear down the whole house? I know one thing that will brighten your day: the smell of chocolate chip cookies. Just imagine the anticipation of biting into its warm chocolaty surface. The cozy smell will fill your insides with butterflies and rainbows.

Ahhh… chocolate chip cookies! Just thinking about them makes me want to hug a koala. Just thinking about sinking my teeth into its warm crisp surface lightens my whole day. Yes, there are truly few things that can make your day like chocolate chip cookies can. Giving someone  a chocolate chip cookie shows how much you love them.

When smelling chocolate chip cookies, you aren’t just sniffing some cookies. You are filling your soul with joy. You are taking the weight off your shoulders from a hard day. When sensing the deliciousness of a simple chocolate chip cookie, you feel at home again. Well, there you have it: chocolate chip cookies. Just another thing that is AWESOME!!

by:Sam Aycock


#1 Riding with the Top Down


“The West Coast has all the sunshine, and the girls all get so tanned,” crooned the Beach Boys in their smash hit ‘California Girls.’ The Mamas and Papas were also ‘California Dreamin,’ the Red Hot Chili Peppers serenade ‘The City of Angels,’ and even Katy Perry wants to get in the California-loving action with her bubble-gum pop ode to ‘California Girls.’ As a card-carrying California girl, I’m also rather partial to our incessant summer weather. After all, it’s the middle of February and I’m wearing a swimsuit and flip-flops outside in my garden. Global warming? Yes, please!

What else does this perennial summertime weather promise in its sunshine? That’s right, riding with the top down. A feeling of exhilaration burbles in my brain and I press the button that lowers the mechanism on my convertible roof. Hurtling down the highway, my sleek convertible glides aerodynamically through the traffic. The wind whips my hair about, massaging my scalp and letting the follicles fly in a free-flowing fantasy. The sun beats down on my bare arms, warming my freckle-kissed skin. The other drivers look on longingly at my car, Sara the Solara, liberated from the shackles of a roof. Even a sun-roof, a poseur, can’t compete with the open freedom of riding in a convertible.

In my convertible, I am the queen of California, empress of the road. The passing trees, marbled whorls of color, are my subjects, bowing in obeisance to the wonder that is my chariot. The roar of the motor reverberates, the loud adulation of the adoring masses. Driving along the coast, I watch the sun dip below the ocean’s blue lip. I rev my engine, racing to join my glowing companion, zooming off into the horizon down the black carpet of road.

All hail, top-down weather!


Written by Ms. Pasternak


How to be Awesome!

Dear 8th Graders
I am creating this blog for you to express your creativity by posting your “Awesome Thing.”
Just a reminder on the assignment parameters:  Your post must be a minimum of 3 paragraphs long, written with academic language, and fully edited before being posted.  
You must also include a picture with your post.  I prefer it to be an original artistic creation (drawing, photo, etc.).
Blog Netiquette:
– You may most certainly comment on other people’s postings, and you may leave constructive criticism, HOWEVER, you must keep it appropriate and supportive at all times.
– Do NOT write in internet speech (i.e. “lol,” “j/k,” idk,” “2” instead of “to,” “u” instead of “you,” and so on).  Any posting using text/internet lingo will not be graded for the assignment.
– Please do not put emoticons in your “Awesome” posts.  This is not the place for smileys, frownies, or hearts.  Your words alone should convey the awesome power.
Go forth and be awesome!
Ms. P
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