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#50 Reaching 50 Posts!

Everyone posted- huzzah!

That’s absolutely- AWESOME!

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#49 Shannon Needs to do her Post here

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#48 Hot Chocolate On A Cold Wintery Day

It’s a cold day, you’re watching tv freezing your brain off, and you can’t stop shivering. Then your mom says that the hot chocolate is ready. When you take that first sip, and it’s going down your body, you can feel it burn. That’s what makes hot chocolate so special and so mouth-watering. Also, when your nose is really cold and you smell the hot chocolate it warms you up immediately, and makes it feel 100 percent better.

Oh, hot chocolate, your warmth is so magical it spreads happiness and warmth all over the world. Whether you put in small or big marshmallows you can drink hot chocolate where ever you go. When it comes to hot chocolate, the whole family gets along and comes together to relax and watch a movie together. It’s simply the best drink you can savor on a cold or warm day.

Who ever created hot chocolate must be the god of drinks.  It’s so perfect, and it’s even better when you put whipped cream on it. The whipped cream cools it down and makes it perfect to drink. I can not think of one drink that is better.  It’s my favorite drink and also my family’s. It is also good when it comes in packets. But it’s the best when any of your relatives make it the flavor really comes out.


Alexander De leon

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#47 The Feeling of Peeing

That feeling that you get when you finish peeing, after you drink a big glass of ice water in a hot sunny day, is a great feeling.  You just released all the fluids that wanted to come out. No more dancing around, legs shaking side to side and jumping up and down.  I have many interesting peeing stories that are so awsome.  After, a great pee, you feel like you acomplished your goal in life!

One day, I was at the store with my mom and got a cold water bottle and drank it all in one big gulp because I was so thirsty. After drinking it, we went in line to pay for our grocieres. When we went inside the car, I finally discovered I had to go pee. I told my my mom “Mom, I have to go pee, if I don’t I’ll pee my pants.” She told me to wait untill we get home. While driving home I was dancing in my seat and moving my legs sid to side so I wouldn’t pee. We finally got home, so I got off the car and ran to the door and tripped. I thought I had peed my pants when I fell, but I looked and didn’t. I thought to myself I still have time to make it to the bathroom so I ran as fast as I can straight to the bathroom and peed. When I got to the bathroom, I finally peed and thought to myself, this is the best feeling I’ve ever felt in my life.

Another reason why peeing is amazing is because it feels good and your body feels better after. When you pee its a very enjoyable experience to have in life.  You get  time alone to think and pee by yourself for a while. If we didn’t pee in our daily life, we wouldn’t  have a lot of great feelings to look forward to in life. This is why I choose peeing for my topic because it’s awesome.

By Alexis Reynoso

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#46 Basketball

One thing that I find fun do  alone or with friends is Basketball. When I have nothing to do I go outside and play basketball with my brother. For basketball all you need is a ball and a court. The cool thing about basket ball is that when you play on a team you make friends and you get better.

The best sound in basketball is the swoosh of the net. This sound makes every player want to play more and better. My Favorite thing to play a big skirmish game with my friends. When i play Basketball I get good exercise and fun. The best feel is getting and an one moment.

The best thing about basketball is when you’re on a team with your friends. You get the play with them, practice with them, win with them, and lose with them. With you friends on your team it just adds more fun to the game even when you lose. With you friends you can always have fun and get better. When you are alone or with friends you should play basketball.

Daniel Stulp

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#45 Jelly beans

There is only one type of delicious bean sized candy that works for me, jellybeans. Jellybeans are thoes awesome things that you can eat anywhere at any time. Each one is different from the one before and the one after. Flavors range from pina colda to tooth paste, so no one can not have a favorite flavor. Who can’t love that!? No one can resist them.

There is such a wide variety of flavors and colors; forget skittles and m&m’s, jellybeans are way better. They can fit any occasion like parties, weddings, and even test time. They’re fun for sharing, for keeping, for hiding, and eating, so much fun in such little things. What’s Easter without jellybeans these days? Jelly beans have adapted into holiday because they’re so….


Sara Tait

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#44 Doing Nothing All Day

One of my favorite things to do is absolutely nothing, and every couple Saturdays, I get to do just that. I wake up, and look at my alarm clock. It is 10:00. I don’t feel like moving, so I stare at the ceiling. I glance around my room, looking for something to motivate me to get up. I check back with my alarm clock. It is 10:20. My stomach roars like a furious T. Rex. I shuffle down stairs, still in my pjs, with my hair sticking out in many different directions. I grab an apple to munch on. I am too tired to put in the effort to make cereal. I plop down on the couch, turn on the TV, and get comfy.

Hours pass as I do nothing but stare at the TV or play games. I am usually very active, but Saturdays are my days to relax. Every once in a while I get up to snack on something like a tangerine or banana. I think of homework or projects I should be doing, but decide to put them off until Sunday, because this special occasion only comes up once every month, or maybe less. I start to think of doing something active, like playing football, but decide not to because a rerun of one of my favorite shows comes on. I do not regret my decision.

As the sun sets, I think about my day. There isn’t much to think about. It is dinner time, so I make a hamburger and eat it while watching a Lost marathon. Later in the night, I am told to go to bed. I don’t want to get up, but I know it must be done. If I didn’t get off the couch all night, the line between Saturday and the rest of the week would become blurred, and then nothing would ever get done. I hoist myself up off the couch. I pick up all the trash scattered around me, place my dishes by the sink, and brush my teeth. I turn around one last time before going to bed, and see the huge divot I’ve made in the couch. I realize that the day has been truly, absolutely, and in every way…


By Nick Jennings

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#43 The Smell of Pines

As I walk through Mammoth in the summer I smell a scent like no other. The smell of pine trees fills my head, and I think to myself, “What a great smell.”  The woody, fresh, nutty smell fills all of Mammoth with this royal scent.  ‘Tis a very fresh smell create by the pine bristles and the sap that comes from these regal trees. When taking a hike, it is impossible to smell anything but this light airy smell of woody pines.

When I went to Mammoth a couple of years back I had two memories: the long grueling hikes and the smell of fresh pines.  I remember the long hike.  I was tired and miserable, but even more memorable were the hundreds of thousands of pines overcoming any other smell. Every time I go to Mammoth I subconsciously await going outside and inhaling the sweet sappy smell of warm pines filling the clear air.  While Mammoth in the winter is fun, it suppresses most of the pines’ smell with pounds of fresh snow.  From every memory of Mammoth the scent of pines is the most prominent.

The smell of pines is a comforting aroma.  When I smell pines it makes me feel as if I were in a peaceful log cabin.  This home-like scent that brings solace.  The peaceful scent of pines is my favorite because it is like honey covered wood chips in the hot sun.  In the forests of Mammoth, the smell of  woody pines is the most unique and subtle of scents.


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#42 Thank God for Toilet Paper

How great it is using toilet paper after relieving yourself!  It’s great walking into the potty room and knowing you’ll have something to clean your flesh with.  It is frustrating for most people to wipe their filth off with their hand.  It is also extremely gross, disgusting, and disturbing.  That is why countries that have to go through this are miserable and sickened to the stomach.

The thing that is really awesome about this is the whole process.  You sit on the seat, relieving yourself for a while.  After you are done, you take four or five sheets of paper from the toilet paper roll.  You carefull wipe, without even getting your hands filthy or disturbing.  And then you flush and wash your hands, and that’s it, you’re done!

So the next time you use toilet paper, be glad!  Make sure to thank it with all of your heart.  When you are in the morgue, the very thought of it will still be in your mind.  So come on you people, wake up, and smell the toilet paper!  And remember to greet it the next time you see it by telling it that it’s


Josh Chang

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#41 Finally Falling Asleep

Image    Don’t you hate it when you have had an extremely long and tough day, and then when you finally get to go to bed, you can’t sleep? You’re exhausted, grumpy, impatient, and worst of all…you can’t fall asleep!!! You lie there for hours doing pointless things just to make yourself busy, but you know none of it will work anyways. You count forwards and backwards, think about how your life will be in the future, and about how everyone you know is happily sleeping. You just want to yell, “Why can’t I just sleep?!?!” I understand that feeling.

Then, you give up on trying to make yourself sleep and just lie there. It feels like forever! All you can think about is sleep. Sleep, your best friend, but enemy at the moment. The goal is to beat the enemy, show that it is wrong, and that you can fall asleep. You need the rest, and you need to beat the enemy. All of a sudden, you’re calm and relaxed, and it seems like you can’t hear a thing. Maybe images come to your mind, your dreaming without even realizing. That is when you have won, the enemy surrendered.

This is definitely not a catnap, you are finally sound asleep and you feel like a happy baby. Eyes shut, body relaxed, and mind open is the best feeling. Even though sleep is the best feeling, it isn’t the most awesome feeling. “Then what is awesome?” you must be thinking. The most awesome feeling is waking up after you thought you could never fall asleep and thinking, “Wow, I finally fell asleep!” Sleeping is great, but the feeling of realizing that you finally fell asleep is AWESOME!

By: Lily Javaherpour

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